Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Hmmmm, its that time of the evening and I could really do with a cup of tea and a slice of Honey and Lavender cake from Plumbun.

I kid you not. These are THE best cake I have taste in a hot minute, (long time).  I mean come on, be honest have you even heard of this fusion of honey and lavender before? This is "baking with extra niceness". And that's not it forget the usual cupcakes that every Tom, Dick and Harry is selling out there. Each cake recipe has been thoroughly scrutinised to perfection and when you eat one I guarantee you will go back for more. You can fine these wondrous cakes here

Lemon cake with Passion fruit glaze
Mango and Passion fruit indi cakes
Pumpkin and Sweet potato cake
Orange and Poppy seed loaf

Now come on are you trying to tell me you are not at all tempted............   ; ) you can thank me later. Enjoy!

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