Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spice up your life

Blazer: Topshop; Jumper, Belt: Primark; Trousers: M&S; Bag: Zara

On my way in to work I realised just how grey, black and dull everybody dresses. I suppose when you work in a corporate company it is the easiest way to look smart.  Meh!! But who wants an easy life, not me. I decided to spice up my black attire by mixing in a bright red. I heart my funky Primark jumper and even more so as I got it in the sale. (and in Primark that means next to nothing pounds.) Winner!!


  1. Too many body parts missing in some of the picks. Freaky Paul Daniels stuff

  2. very Cheryl Cole!

    Kate P xx

  3. You know how to put it together! Loving it, please don't stop i need some tips... Not gone shopping for 2 years, 2 babies in a row the only thing i shop for is nappies!

    T x

  4. Hee hee Thanks T. Don't worry I'll keep the style tips coming.