Wednesday, 2 May 2012

4 in 1

Outfit 1 - H&M dress; Topshop hat;  Nike high tops; Bershka Leather Jacket
Outfit 2 - H&m dress; Zara jumper; New Look wedges; Primark Knee hi socks 
Outfit 3 - H&M dress (worn as top); Primark pencil skirt and shoes
Outfit 4 - H&M dress; Vintage long skirt; Topshop woolly hat; Nine West boots

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to wear, (which should really be impossible with the size of my wardrobe) But I do. So I was forced to reassess what makes me think I haven't enough clothes at the moment. Then I found this H&M dress which I have had for a while and it occurred to me why do I have to wear it only as a dress when it could be paired up with other pieces and be worn as a top or a skirt. So that's what I did and hey presto! I have 4 new outfits for day and night.


  1. I got them socks the other day, aint worn yet but will now, u look good!

  2. Don't you just love Primarni?!