Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Let the sun shine

1st outfit - Tee: Gap Kids;  Sandals / Dress worn as skirt: Primark;  Bag: Dorothy Perkins
2nd outfit - Shirt : Primark; Blazer: Zara
3rd outfit - Day dress / Belt: Primark; Flats:  Marks & Spencer

I must say I had a very nice weekend,  (so nice I forgot to post on the blog, sorry.)
With the sun shining, good company and some soul food what more can a girl ask for.
I just wish there were more hours in the day to do everything. Somebody tell me why the weekends are over so quickly? Huff!!

Hope you are all enjoying the weather. Xx


  1. The weather was nice and so are you. Love you always

  2. Found your blog through WIWT.com -absolutely amazing. I love the way you piece your wardrobe together. I find it very inspiring (for a petite frame) most especially as from high street shops too.

  3. Aww thanks guys. Glad to know that I am inspiring someone through my blog.