Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The little Mermaid....(kabba ni slit)

Oversized clutch : River Island; Shoes/Leather Gloves : Zara; Kabba & Slit : My design, made in Ghana

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I was invited to a traditional Ghanaian christening. So I thought it fitting to wear my Ghanaian cloth, also known as (Kabba and Slit).
To be honest I used to be embarrassed to wear my traditional outfits out. My mum made me loads when I was younger but I never wore them. Now as I grow up I am beginning to appreciate just how beautiful they are.

What about you guys, are there any outfits that you use to be embarrassed to wear when you were younger but now like?

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. A true representation of culture. Love it!!!

  2. Secret admirer. I love you.

  3. love the colours....

  4. Those gloves just took that outfit to a whole new level. You better Work!!!

  5. Akua! You're looking amazing in these pics -you got it, stylish lady! I love the fabric design on your Kabba and Slit, and pairing it with the black leather gloves and an animal print clutch bag mixes a splash of contemporary funk with the beautiful traditional dress -very cool girl!
    As for me, I was far too UNembarrassed about wearing incredibly naff clothes as a kid, and thought I looked damn cool when actually, I looked a right prat through most of the 80s ;-) Though in my mind, I was as sharp-looking as Whitney and Madonna (RIP Whitney). Blissfully unaware of reality, I was ;) Lx